Kaitlyn R. – 11 years old

My uncle was driving to work, and he was stopped by a cop. He did not have a license. The police arrested him and he was deported. My uncle was like my big brother and the last time I saw him was two years ago. It was a very sad day. I remember my uncle going to work one day and he never came back. I was waiting to go to the store with him that night. We used to play together, watched movies, played soccer and wrestling. My uncle loves all his nephews and I learned a lot of things about soccer I did not know before. When he was in the detention center he sent me a letter, with some drawings telling me to do well in school and that he was proud to have a niece like me. I nicknamed him “Pelon” or in English “Baldy.” I liked the sound of it . I wish he would come back and they would stop chasing him, I wish they would leave the people who work hard alone and that the police would stop arresting them. I miss him because he was so good to us all, my cousins ​​and I want my grandmother who is a resident to stop suffering and crying for my uncle. My uncle was in jail for more than two years only because he did not have a driver’s license.

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