Jose F. – 12 years old

My parents are from Guatemala, they came to Charlotte in 1994. My two parents have been deportarted. My dad was arrested from a traffic ticket when he was coming back  from work. My  mom was given three months for a voluntary departure by immigration.

I have a big sister and the two of us are living in a  foster home.  My mom did not want to take us to Guatemala, because she fears we would get killed there. My mom could not support us and she ask a social worker to find us another family. Now I go to a different school, with different friends and live in a strange house. I feel very sad, I crie a lot and I do not want to go to the new school. My new family is nice,   but it is not the same. They do not hug me or kiss me, like my mom. I just hope my parents can fight the custody from their country so, we can be together. Both my sister and I feel terrible about what happened to them, and many people tell us to be strong to do well in scchool. The truth I do not really care much, although my teacher knows about my parents’ deportation. She keeps encouraging us  to move forward. It’s so hard to concentrate and it makes it hard to study.  I just hope that one day with the help of God , my parents  can return legally without any problem. Although my mom promised that she would send for us …We are still waiting for that day.

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