Jesus F. – 9 years old

I live with my grandparents because my father died in a work-related accident, and my mother was deported, I have another brother who also lives with us.
I was very young when my mother was deported, I hardly remember her face, I only know what my grandmother tells me. When we were living in Jacksonville Florida, ICE agents took my mom. I talk to my mom only by phone but we are planning to see her next year. She does not want to return to this country and says she is working and studying so that we can be together again, and never be apart. I wish to be like my school friends who have a dad and a mom, and I know that my dad is with God and I can not see him again. I know I will see my mom again. We talk a lot by phone but it is not the same and that’s why we are going to see her. When my grandparents scold me, I wish my mom was here with me. I remembered asking my mom for Christmas if she could visit me, she said that it was not possible. She did not want to get arrested again, because when she was in prison she suffered a lot.

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