Cinthya S. – 15 years old

I was born in Charlotte. My parents are from Mexico, and I have two younger sisters.
My father was given a voluntary deportation order, after living in America for more than 25 years in this country. He always payed his taxes. The police arrested him before leaving to work one morning. My dad left his car running for a few minutes while he went up to the apartment for his coffee. My father will be deported this month (November 2012,) after a lengthy court process which has lasted over two years.

I’m sad that we will not be a family anymore. My sisters and I cried a lot, and it hurts me that he is leaving. I’m afraid we will not have his support to survive. I dream of becoming a professional woman and now I feel very weak with no strength to carry on. It hurts me to see my mom sad with no desire to live anymore. We have many economic hardships, and my sisters and I did not want to go to Mexico. America is our country ,the country we know. We have never been to Mexico. My sisters and I suffered a lot, and I think the immigration courts have no feelings, they only care about the money they make for each person arrested. I hope this government will do something to avoid separating families like mine.

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