Elizabeth M. – 13 years old

I live with my family in Charlotte. My dad was given a voluntary deportation order. It is very sad to know that my dad will have to go back to Mexico. My mom, my sisters and I will stay by ourselves. A lot has affected me because I’m not happy anymore, I just keep thinking about our situation and I can not concentrate in school We’re going to have to move to another house, and I do not want to go to Mexico, since I do not know that country. Although my grandparents say perhaps it is the best solution for us to move to Mexico and they tell me that the police are just arresting and deporting people here. I want my dad to stay with us and be together, but he has to go back to Mexico. I can see my mom is getting sick knowing that my dad has to leave us alone. I am really scared because this can happen to us anytime, and my mom will have to work harder to sustain us.

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